Basic Pet Care

Four Tips to Be More Active with
Your Pet


As a human, trying to be more active is a great goal to have! Being active helps improve our physical health and agility, as well as gives us endorphins1 which supports mental health. Pets also benefit from a good work out session and can be a great partner in your routine. After visiting with your local veterinarian to see if your pet is in good health, try some of these fun activities you and your furry friend can do together.

1. Go Exploring with Your Pets

Pets are great partners to help us become more active! They are also excellent companions for adventures. Make exercising fun by exploring new neighborhoods or a nearby city with your favorite pal. Many places are pet friendly so make the most of your daily walks and start discovering new things with your furry friend.

2. Make Exercising Fun

Whether it's playing a classic game like fetch or trying out frisbee in the park, your dog will love the quality time they get to spend with you as well as the new sights and smells of a new locale. Not only is it a great way for both of you to get in your daily exercise but playing games takes the chore out of exercising and keeps things fresh.

3. Take a Class Together

Share the fun of discovering a new hobby with your pet! There are many classes that are pet friendly so be sure to look out for and take advantage of these classes in your area. You might consider taking an agility class, skijoring, flyball, lure coursing, dance, or a swimming class together. Either way, they are a great way to bond with your pet as well as learn a new skill. Just remember to check with your vet about important vaccines, like those that protect against dog flu and leptospirosis, before exposing Fido to other dogs or the local swimming hole.

4. Give Doga a Try

Although practicing yoga has been around for many years, doga is a new and exciting way to have the two of you stretch and relax together. Doga involves incorporating your dog into your yoga routine by helping them stretch and strengthen their muscles. By practicing doga at home, you both can increase flexibility and focus on meditation. There are also many doga classes taught around the country, which incorporate extra play time with pals after class.