Basic Pet Care

Top 5 Ways to Love Your Pet

pet owner holding dog

Your furry best friend loves you unconditionally and shows you in tail wags, pet fur and kisses! Check out some new ways to show you dog or cat you love them right back.

1-Spend Quality Time Together

One of the top ways to show your bestie you love them is by spending quality time together. Be sure to take time from your day to cuddle, play with or groom your pet. You'll not only strengthen your special bond, but create lasting memories, as well. Taking the time to be together one-on-one shows your furry friend that they hold a special place in your heart.

2-Teach Them Tricks

Another way to show your pet that you love them is by helping them learn something new. Whether you take a class together or teach them a new sport or game at home, your pet is happy to impress you. Reaffirm and reward a job well done with some extra special homemade treats.

3-Give Them Their Own Safe Space

As much as our pets want to be with us, it's important that they have their own space within the home. This is particularly important if your home has lots of commotion with young children, other pets, etc. Giving them their own area, a dedicated safe sanctuary where they can play with all their toys and sleep in their own bed, can be a welcome relief from the hustle & bustle of an active household. After all, who wouldn't want their own space to play and nap?

4-Go on a Special Play Date

Of course, you'll always be their #1 when you spend one-on-one time together. But your pooch will also be pretty pumped when he gets to hang out with his squad. Show your four-legged friend how much you love him by taking him on a play date. Dog parks can be a great way for pups to get some energy out, but many pet parents also like to invite the pet pals over to their house, much like human kids! But unlike humans, social dogs are risk of catching the dog flu. You can calculate your dog's risk, but be sure to ask your dog's veterinarian about the dog flu vaccination.

5-Take Them On Vacation

Animals love exploring and going on adventures as much as you do! Next time you're planning a getaway, why not bring your best travel buddy? is a helpful tool to research places that have pet friendly lodging, outdoor dining and fun activities for you both to participate in while you're there. While your pup may love a stay at the grand-pawrents', they will especially appreciate the extra time they get to spend being with you. Of course, before you head out of town, contact your veterinarian for a copy of your pet's vaccination records and refill your pet's flea, tick and heartworm medications. Also, be sure to check and update your pet's microchip information in case they get lost – you can never be too careful.