Basic Pet Care

Remind Me: Using Technology to Remember to Give Your Pet Her Medicine

5 Tips to Pet-Proof Your Home

Having a pet is like having a child in many ways. You take care of them when they're sick, you feed them, provide them shelter and give them affection whenever possible. When you think about all of that responsibility, topped off with multiple appointments, medicines and play dates, it's worth pulling in some extra help to keep track of everything. Why not turn to technology for help?

  1. Use reminders in your phone. Most smartphones come with a calendar "reminder" or "to-do list" feature that allows you to keep it with you on the go. It can be very helpful when you schedule your next vet appointment or prescription refill!
  2. Utilize your home's smart devices and have them remind you when it's time to give your pet their medication. Many smart devices are now equipped with reminders or to-do lists, so you can keep track of your groceries and your pet's medications all in one place!

    Left Image: Google Home. Right Image: Amazon Echo

  3. Download the MyPet Reminders app. This app is specially designed to easily create a personalized profile for your pet, and keep track of important dates-like flea, tick & heartworm dosing reminders, vaccinations, vet visits, and more! Available for Apple and Android users.
  4. Sign up for free email reminders. Our website offers free reminders for certain medications that you can set up at no cost!
  5. If technology isn't for you, keep a calendar on your refrigerator. Paper calendars are still excellent ways to keep you organized and set reminders for your pets - in fact, many pet medications come equipped with reminder stickers in the packaging.