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Why You Should Get Your Pet Microchipped Today

Why You Should Get Your Pet Microchipped Today

Does your pet have a microchip?

It's as small as a grain of rice, yet a microchip can make the biggest difference in the world as to whether a missing dog or cat is returned to its home or not.

Painlessly inserted by a veterinarian and bearing a permanent ID embedded forever, each microchip has a unique number that links a pet to the person who registers it.

The Best Thing You Can Do for Your Pet

No one ever expects their pet to go astray. Yet even the best-behaved dogs can escape through an open door, and house cats can get spooked and bolt. Beautiful and striking-looking pets risk being stolen. Then suddenly, they're gone.

It happens to millions of animals every year. And in fact, 1 in 3 pets will go missing in its lifetime.

Because those and other unanticipated dangers put your pet in jeopardy, the best thing you can do for your cat or dog is to have him or her microchipped without delay.

While it's wise to have your pet microchipped the first time you bring it to a veterinarian (in case it doesn't already have one), a professional can insert one at any time.

If your pet needs a microchip and you do not have a veterinarian, you can search for one in your area at Find a Vet.

How It Works

As a matter of procedure, when lost pets are turned in to a shelter or a veterinarian's office, they are routinely scanned for the presence of a microchip. When one is found, the pet and its owner can be identified and efforts to reunite them can begin.

Dogs and cats who are found without a microchip - even ones who come from loving homes and are obviously well cared for - are typically turned over to a shelter and put up for adoption or euthanized.

The HomeAgain Advantage

Pet lovers whose dogs and cats have a microchip can benefit from additional protection from HomeAgain, which has reunited over one million lost pets with the families that love them.

By registering any microchip with HomeAgain, a member's name, address, phone number and email are recorded in the HomeAgain National Pet Recovery Database. And the HomeAgain call center is staffed with trained Lost Pet Specialists 24/7 - so if your pet ever goes missing, there's a caring someone to reach out to for help.

Keep pets safe and bring them home fast if they get lost. For more information and to register a microchip, visit HomeAgain online or call 1-888-466-3242.