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Be the Best Cat Parent You Can Be

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Pet owners are crazy about their pets—it's just a fact! Ask any dedicated cat owner, and they'll tell you story after story about their favorite, furry, feline friends! MyPet loves cats, too, and one of our goals is to help all cat owners care for their beloved felines. We're here to help you become the very best cat parent you can be. The rewards are endless and come in delicate (purr, snuggle, meow...) and whimsical (pounce, nuzzle, swat...) packages.

Age matters

One of the first things to realize about your cats is that their age really makes a big difference on their biological functions. Young cats spring through the day with boundless energy, while older cats and kittens need multiple naps to perform at their best and maintain health.

But rest cycles are just one of the biological functions affected by age. Other age-related considerations include:

  • Dietary needs
  • Immunities & disease
  • Dental hygiene

You'll need to make lifestyle adjustments to accommodate all your cat's changing needs. A good cat parent knows that, since their cats can't really tell them what they need, they have to spend extra time observing their furry friends. Follow up by chatting with your veterinarian about any changes in behavior.

Spring for the good stuff

Just like people, eating a healthy balanced diet makes all the difference with cat health. The right kind of food—fortified and balanced with all of kitty's necessary nutrients—will go a long way in keeping your cats feeling and looking their very best.

A good cat parent buys the right kind of food for their cats' ages and particular dietary needs. So even if it's a little more expensive, know that your cats appreciate the extra lengths you go to keep them healthy.

You also have to limit splurges. For many cat owners, it's harder not to give your cats the food they love over the food that's best for them. Reward them sparingly, and you'll get the reward of having healthier and happier companions.

Many people stop playing with their cats after they grow out of their kitten stage, and that's just a sad state of affairs. Cats love to play, and just like us, without play, then tend to get bored and sedentary.

But as most cat owners know, cats are very smart and curious, and entertaining them can be a challenge. Mix up playtime with new toys, games, and catnip (in moderation) to keep things fresh. A good cat parent devotes time each day to playing with their cats, and makes sure their cats have enough playthings to entertain themselves, too.