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Making Your Pet An Instagram Star!

Making Your Pet An Instagram Star!

How great is it to fire up your Instagram after a long day, to be bombarded with pictures of adorable pets posing for the camera? From dogs and cats to hedgehogs and birds, pets are taking over the spotlight on social media sites. With the help of their human owners, pets have completely taken over the Instagram with their daily posts, with some racking up hundreds, thousand and even millions of followers around the globe! You wonder; how does anyone, especially a pet, reach that level of fame? Here are some quick steps to make your pet Instafamous!

1. Create an Account for Your Pet

While some owners just include their pets' pictures in their own personal accounts, one recommendation is it to create an account specifically for your pet. This allows your followers to separate your life from your pet's busy social life. Bonus: not all of your friends will want to see daily photos of your pet, so they can choose to follow you and/or your soon-to-be-famous pet. Their own account will allow them to shine and hopefully achieve ultimate stardom! Also, create a name, better known as a "username" that will be remembered and that is out of the ordinary!

2. Use #Hashtags Abundantly

As part of the Instagram culture, hashtags play a major role and are a key component to a post. Hashtags help users locate pictures of things that interest them in the vast sea of photos on social media. Other pet owners want to be able to find other pets and owners, so make it easy for them to find you! Some popular hashtags are #pets, #petsofinstagram and #dogsofinstagram. There are even hashtags out there for certain breeds of pets, such as #siamesecatsofinstagram or #gerbil. The best way to find the most popular hashtags used is to see what other popular pets and their owners use.

3. Only Post Good-Quality Photos

You won't get anywhere on Instagram if your photos are blurry or unappealing. All you need are some simple photography skills, a decent camera and some creativity. Surprisingly, a lot of pet owners take great quality pictures on their cellphones! They keys to a great photo consist of good lighting, props and awesome composition. The ability to get your pet to stay still long enough for a photo is important! Regardless of your photo taking skills, Instagram makes it very easy to edit and update pictures with their filters and tools which can help turn mediocre photos into something awesome. You can read more about how to take awesome photos of your pet here.

4. Post Frequently

Another key to having a successful Instagram for your pet is to give your followers what they want to see–your pet! Some of the most famous Instagram pets have 1,000's of photos posted. The pressure is on when you are looking to boost your numbers in followers, so posting daily is a great way to achieve that. Pet owners say to always be ready to take a photo; you never know what your pet is going to do. For most pet owners, taking these adorable pictures is not a problem!

5. Be Friendly

Like all other social media sites, success is built on engagement with followers and other pet owners. Make sure to like and comment on other people/pet's feeds and respond to peopling leaving comments on your pictures it shouldn't be hard to engage in conversations with other people like pet owners who have the same interests as you! Often people will follow you if you follow them and they like the content you have been posting on your feed.

6. Show Off Your Pets Uniqueness

The homepage of your pets' Instagram, or feed, is a great place to briefly display some fun facts and what is unique about your pet! You can display your pet's talent, uniqueness and skills in the pictures, videos, captions and hashtags you post. Giving all of your posts your own personal touch and creativity will give your followers a chance to remember you and a reason to bond with you. Stay focused on the things that your followers like and enjoy the most. There is no need to talk about everything. Make it short, sweet and cute!

7. Make it Fun

The best advice other pet owners can give is to make this fun for you and your pet while staying safe. Your animals should not have to suffer for fame or to take the best photo. Make the props you use, pet friendly and pick safe locations to take the photos. If you are putting clothes on your pet, make sure they are comfortable with minimal buttons, beads, ties or anything could cause a hazard.

The main thing that most pet owners don't realize is that a picture of their pets truly brings happiness and joy to other people who follow them. So think about how much joy your pet brings to you and how much it can bring to other people! The pictures you take might just make someone's day.

Written by Katelyn Sigman, an animal health professional since 2014, a loving dog mom to a Coonhound, Dixie and Bloodhound, Jazzie, and instablogger @northern_hound_sisters.