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Is your pet stressed?

Fear, anxiety, phobias — humans aren’t the only ones who suffer from these stressors.

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Small dog standing on hind legs looking out a window

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Cat trying out new litter box.

Choosing a litter box

Fluffy is unique, so her litter box should be too. Make sure you’re choosing the right one.

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Man and woman kissing their beagle.

How to prevent heartworm disease

Heartworm in dogs can be treated, but prevention is best

2 min read

Cat being brushed out.

Checking for fleas on cats and dogs

Fleas can be difficult to find. Figure out how you can spot them even in the fluffiest pets.

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Man and his dog wearing the same hoodie.

Does my pet need clothes?

It’s more than just a fashion statement. Your pet may benefit from seasonally appropriate clothing

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Dog eating heartworm medicine.

Heartworm treatment

Heartworm is a parasite that can be very dangerous to your dog. Here’s what you should know.

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Woman snuggling with her dog.

Finding your lost dog

It’s hard to stay calm when your pet is lost. Use these tips to help you find your furry friend.

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Pet owners get cash back

Protecting your pet can be rewarding in more ways than one! Visit the MyPet Rewards rebate center to explore offers or submit your rebate.

Packages of Tri-Heart Plus, Bravecto, and Sentinel Spectrum Chews

Need help finding products?

We’ve got products to help address common pet concerns, from parasite control to pet microchipping.

Looking for a veterinarian?

Your veterinarian plays a big role in your pet’s health. Input your location information and get a list of veterinarians near you.

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