Learn what you should feed your fluffy friend to keep them happy and healthy.

Brown tabby cat eating from silver food dish

Nutrition in diabetic pets

4 min read

Is your pet diabetic? Make sure you’re maintaining a nutritious diet to keep him happy and healthy.

White labrador lays on top of toy on the ground

Food articles

Aerial photo of Shiba inu standing over bowl of dog food

Help! My pet stopped eating

If your dog or cat is suddenly uninterested in food, here’s what you should know

2 min read

Brown dog staring up at heart-shaped treat

Choosing a healthy dog treat

The trick with choosing a healthy dog treat is picking one that you can give your dog without compromising his diet

2 min read

Terrier sitting on the floor by a food bowl looking up at the camera

What you should and shouldn’t feed your dog

Can people food be ok for pets? Sometimes – but you need to know the rules

1 min read

Young girl in overalls feeding carrots to a golden retriever

Feeding table scraps: Do or don’t?

Not all foods are safe for your pet — in fact, some can be downright harmful.

3 min read

Brown and white Jack Russell terrier sleeping on wood floor

Plants and foods that are poisonous to pets

Common plants and flowers can cause big problems for your pets

4 min read

Pet owners get cash back

Protecting your pet can be rewarding in more ways than one! Visit the MyPet Rewards rebate center to explore offers or submit your rebate.