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Fluffy white cat meowing at camera.

When a stray cat shows up at your door


He’s dirty, hungry, and meowing for help — so what do you do?

2 min read

Black and white cat laying on owners laptop.

What to do when Fluffy has fleas


Get tips on how to spot fleas and what to do if you find them

4 min read

Brown and white Jack Russell terrier sleeping on wood floor

Plants and foods that are poisonous to pets


Common plants and flowers can cause big problems for your pets

4 min read

Stages of flea parasites as they grow

Breaking the flea life cycle


Keep your pet and your home flea-free by treating your pets and targeting places where fleas like to hide

2 min read

Brown and black dog lying on a table at a vet office

Skin and wound infections


Bacterial and yeast infections can occur when your pet’s skin is damaged

2 min read

White dog laying on a couch next to a women on her tablet.

How did dogs become man’s best friend?


A brief history of humans’ relationships with our furry friends

1 min read


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Do not use in dogs with known perforation of eardrums. The use of OTOMAX® ointment has been associated with deafness or partial hearing loss in a small number of sensitive dogs (e.g., geriatric), though this is usually temporary. If hypersensitivity occurs, treatment should be discontinued. Concomitant use of drugs known to induce ototoxicity should be avoided. Administration of recommended doses beyond 7 days may result in delayed wound healing. Avoid ingestion. Keep out of the reach of children. For complete safety information, refer to the product label.