Pet owner smiling and petting her husky during a walk

Top five ways to love your pet

Your furry friend loves you unconditionally, so show your dog or cat that you love them right back

1. Teach them tricks

Some pets like to learn and love the praise that comes from impressing their owners. Whether you take a class together or teach him a new sport or game at home, your pet might be happy learn new skills or tricks. Plus, learning and staying active is a great way to keep your pet mentally and physically fit.1 If your pet isn’t into showing off, he’ll still love spending time with you — work on finding activities you both enjoy.

2. Give them their own safe space

As much as our pets want to be with us, it’s important that they have their own space within the home2. This is particularly important if your home has lots of commotion with young children or other pets. Giving them their own area — a dedicated safe sanctuary where they can play with all their toys and sleep in their own bed — can be a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of an active household3. Make sure everyone in the household understands and respects your pet’s safe space. After all, who wouldn’t want their own space to play and nap?

3. Go on a special play date

Of course, you’ll always be their number one when you spend one-on-one time together. But your pooch might also be pretty pumped if he gets to hang out with his squad. Some dogs enjoy and do well in the communal environment of dog parks or doggie daycares. Others might find those environments overstimulating and prefer spending time with a regular group of known canine friends.4 It’s important that you know your dog’s temperament and personality well when planning play dates. Introduce him to other dogs and new locations and situations carefully and gradually so you know what works best for him.

And remember — social dogs are at risk of catching dog flu and other canine infectious diseases. Be sure to ask your dog’s veterinarian about the dog flu vaccine and keep him up to date on all other recommended vaccinations.

4. Take them on vacation

Animals love exploring and going on adventures as much as you do! Next time you plan a getaway, consider bringing your best travel buddy. Of course, before you head out of town, you’ll need to carefully research pet-friendly options for things to do and places to stay. Also, remember to contact your veterinarian for a copy of your pet’s vaccination records and refill your pet’s flea, tick, and heartworm medications. Check and update your pet’s microchip information in case he gets lost — you can never be too careful.

5. Show them off online

If social media is your thing, posting pictures of your pet can be a fun way to show her off. Of course, your pet won’t know (or care) how many Instagram likes or Tik Tok views she gets, but those cute pics and funny videos can remind you and your loved ones just how much your pet adds to your life.


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