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How to be a PetRescuer

Find out how you can make a difference by helping to reunite lost pets with their owners

As pet parents, our concern for animals often extends beyond our own family to all dogs and cats, particularly those in need. If you’ve ever wanted to do more to give back the love you receive from your own pet, consider becoming a PetRescuer.

HomeAgain PetRescuers help reunite lost pets with their loved ones by signing up for alerts and being notified by email when a pet goes missing in their area. If you’re a PetRescuer, you’ll know when a pet gets lost near you so you can be on the lookout.

The best place to start is the HomeAgain website, where you can get information on:

  • Lost Pet Alert emails: Sign up! After providing your email address and zip code, you’ll receive an email when a dog or cat has been lost in your area. You’ll get the pet’s name and description and the area where it was last seen.
  • HomeAgain pet resources: Find articles about how to locate pets by understanding behavior and get tips from a real pet detective.
  • Found pet stories. Get inspired by reading heartwarming stories of pets reunited with their owners.

Be part of the HomeAgain community

By connecting with HomeAgain on social media, you’ll get the latest info about how to help lost pets and hear stories about pets who’ve been reunited with their owners. To participate in this community of pet lovers:

  • “Like” HomeAgain on Facebook. This site for pet parents features is made up of more than 700,000 like-minded HomeAgain fans. Get product news, news articles, tips, PetRescuer info, and more.
  • Follow HomeAgain on Twitter. Find fun facts and great quotes about pets, communicate one-on-one with HomeAgain, receive pet news bulletins, and share photos.

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