Fleas & Ticks

Fact or Fiction? Dispelling Myths of Flea & Tick Risk for Cats

Fact or Fiction

Is it Fact or Fiction? Test your knowledge of flea & tick risk for cats – and discover the truth!

  • Indoor cats can’t get fleas and ticks
    FICTION – While indoor cats aren’t in as many high-risk situations as outdoor cats, it’s still possible for these cats to get fleas and ticks. Cats love to relax on the windowsill and investigate areas of the home that may pose some risk, such as the garage, porch and entryway.
  • Cats in colder climates are at risk for fleas and ticks too
    FACT – Fleas and ticks affect cats in cold and warm climates. When it gets cold outside, indoor fleas continue to thrive with help from central heating, making year-round protection extra important.
  • Your cat is safe without flea and tick protection if you live in a city
    FICTION – Living in an urban area isn’t insurance against fleas and ticks. Access to outdoor spaces, coming in contact with visiting pets and taking trips outside of the city can all put your cat at risk.
  • Other pets can put your indoor cat at risk
    FACT – Pets that go outside may bring fleas and ticks indoors, where they can get to an unprotected cat.
  • Those muddy shoes and dirty clothes are harmless
    FICTION – Fleas and ticks can hitch a ride on clothes, shoes and other objects coming in from outside. And, that pile of clothing that needs to be washed may look extra inviting to a curious cat.
  • Cats should be protected when going to a boarding facility
    FACT – If your cat visits a boarding facility, she may be exposed to other animals and situations where risk for contracting fleas and ticks are high. Board your cat worry-free by keeping the cat protected at all times.

The fact is you need to protect your cat everywhere! Ask your veterinarian about long-lasting, Bravecto (fluralaner topical solution) for Cats.