Life with pets is never boring! Get tips on keeping them clean, keeping your home pet-friendly, and keeping the peace among pets and people in your life.

Man and woman walking beagle dog on a leash.

Choosing a litter box

Fluffy is unique, so her litter box should be too. Make sure you’re choosing the right one.

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Cat crawling into his red litter box

Lifestyle articles

Close-up image of a side profile of a white curly hair dog.

Getting rid of doggie bad breath

Keep your dog’s breath fresh and clean by keeping his teeth healthy

2 min read

Small dog laying on owners stomach in the grass

Losing weight with your dog

Exercise and healthy eating are good habits for you AND your dog

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Young child playing on the floor next to small tan dog

Teach your kids to be good pet parents

Giving children age-appropriate pet care duties with proper supervision can help encourage compassion and responsibility

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Cat sniffing chocolate lab laying on the floor.

Getting cats and dogs to get along

Despite the saying, cats and dogs don’t have to fight like … well, cats and dogs

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French bulldog with ears perked up against yellow background

How to clean your pet’s ears

When keeping your pet squeaky clean, don’t forget the ears!

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Golden retriever getting a bath.

How to groom your pet at home

Despite the saying, cats and dogs don’t have to fight like … well, cats and dogs

4 min read

Woman going on a hike with her husky.

Top five ways to love your pet

Your furry friend loves you unconditionally, so show your dog or cat that you love them right back

3 min read

German Shepard catching a frisbee.

Breeds of dogs that need the most exercise

All dogs need to stay active, but your dog may need to be more active than others

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Fluffy grey cat sitting on a stool in the sunlight looking out the window.

How long can you safely leave a cat alone?

Learn how long to leave kitty and how to make sure she’s safe in your absence

3 min read

Service dog

Could you raise a service dog?

Interested in raising a service dog? Here’s what you need to know

2 min read

Pet owners get cash back

Protecting your pet can be rewarding in more ways than one! Visit the MyPet Rewards rebate center to explore offers or submit your rebate.