Whether it’s preventative care, management of a chronic condition, or treatment of illness or injury, managing your pet’s health is one of the most important parts of pet ownership.

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Puppy sitting outside trying to scratch his face.

Why won’t my pet stop scratching?

Understand the common causes of scratching in dogs and cats

3 min read

Stages of flea parasites as they grow

Breaking the flea life cycle

Keep your pet and your home flea-free by treating your pets and targeting places where fleas like to hide

2 min read

Brown and black dog lying on a table at a vet office

Skin and wound infections

Bacterial and yeast infections can occur when your pet’s skin is damaged

2 min read

Black and white cat laying on owners laptop.

What to do when Fluffy has fleas

Get tips on how to spot fleas and what to do if you find them

2 min read

Cartoon image of a flea

The problem with fleas

These small pests can cause big hassles for you and your pets

2 min read

Small brown dog scratching his ear

Tick-borne diseases

Ticks carry a variety of diseases, many of which can result in serious illness for your pet

2 min read

Pet owners get cash back

Protecting your pet can be rewarding in more ways than one! Visit the MyPet Rewards rebate center to explore offers or submit your rebate.